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So much information is free, it is hard to see why people pay for it!

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Links for Security Managers -

Intel /Govt Links

Jobs for Intelligence Personnel  NEW!

TDY/TAD Per Diem Rate Information

DOD Travel Regs

  Info on 5000 Mutual Fund Companies. Best overall investment info. All free info, but to get prospectus you must register for free password. Well worth the 3 minutes you will spend! This has section for you to imput your portfolio and it will figure your profit/loss percentage, every 15 minutes if you desire! You can store info on their server. (They get to use your data for marketing.) This was developed for Federal Gov Managers. One of the top 5% rated sites! This site has Federal Travelers Perdiem Rates!!


Force Protection: Antiterrorism, 1997

Internet Roadmap to Antiterrorism Sites

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All-In-One Seach Page, with even dictionary.

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FBI FOIPA Electronic Reading Room -

Federal Bureau of Investigation -

A Law Enforcement Guide to the WWW -



LAW ENFORCEMENT SITES ON THE WEB - Part 1-A - Previous new Sites, 1997 -

Law Enforcement SW Directory -

LawSearch -

Sal Perri's Web Page -

Secret FBI Files Website -

United States Code -

CMAP Training Schedule -

IALEIA Website -

Intelligence Bureau Iowa Dept. of Pub Safety -

MA LE Analysts Assoc. -

Mass Crime Analysis -

PRC espionage handbook ("Sources and Techniques of Obtaining National Defense Science and Technology Intelligence," By Huo Zhongwen and Wang Zongxiao, 1991) or at the Bill gertz site at

I now have an ACAP/Job Hunting Information, especially for the US Army personnel who may get hit with another drawdown of 20,000 people. (Good thing the we will never have another war!)

Job Hunting Information/Army Career Alumni Program/Short Timers Area!

  • USA JOBs, Dept of Labor
  • We need to thank a K. Long, from Kansas who submitted these links! (You too can submit links like he did! When submitting links, please give a description.)

    What does the Web know about you? Actually this is kind of fun. Visit the sites below (I

    recommend visiting the first 5 at the very least) and search for your own name. Search your first and
    last name, just your last name, perhaps your last name and city - you get the idea. While the fifteen
    sites below offer a fine variety of searches - remember, the best way to ensure your private
    information remains private is just not to post it anywhere!

    AOL Netfind - People

    AOL Netfind - Email Finder

    WhoWhere White Pages

    WhoWhere Phone and Address

    WhoWhere Email

    Four11 Directory Service

    InfoSpace - directory of blue, yellow and white pages

    IAF - Internet Address Finder, a comprehensive e-mail white pages on the Internet

    InfoBel - a very good International site if you have a bit of time to roam.



    BigFoot Advanced Directory Search

    A Gopher Collection of International White Page Directories, includes NASA, Sandia, lots of

    universities and more.


    Internet People - another gopher collection of directories


    555-1212 - look up area codes, country codes, email addresses, phone numbers and web sites by

    area code

    Ahoy: integrated tool for finding personal home pages, using OKRA, WhoWhere?, and Internet

    Address Finder; institutional database from Yahoo! This takes a little while to search everywhere

    (well more than a second, but less than a minute) - excellent!

    Other Useful Sites on the Web

    The Seoul Computer Club

    US Military Retirees
    Association Korea
    US Military Retirees Association Korea

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