CP1 members in Prep for first event.

CP1 members at event in Menton, France

Former land developer, Mrs. Webmaster found real estate office too quickly.

Mrs. Webmaster with CP1 hat.

The CP1 Menton Crowd.

Jack's Place!!! Great Chow!

Mrs Webmaster with daughter at Monaco.

CP1 Auxillary enroute to event.

Thanks for all the Aux members in attendance and thanks for your support to our CP1.

This guy did some great feats keeping USA flag on the end of the line!

Webmaster Family.

Jimmy B

Cory and wife after ceromony.

Our escort/Transport

Who said that about me!!

Webmaster likes the jackets that DMD has made!

Cannes, France.... CP1 road trip.

Cory and wife were great company!

Cannes Road Trip