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The Seoul Computer Club

US Military Retirees
Association Korea
US Military Retirees Association Korea

HappyHousing Real Estate - Good Country Info

Retired Activities Office, Korea (Excellent widow info)

Foreign Wife Info

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Map of South Korea

South Korea on Wikipedia

South Korea on CIA World Factbook



National Website of South Korea

South Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs

South Korean Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette



Government National Tourism Organization

Attractions by City

Hotels and Attractions in Seoul (Capital)

Seoul Wiki Travel

Hotels and Attractions in Incheon

Incheon Wiki Travel

Visa Information

US Department of State Warnings and Advisories


Local News Sources

The Chosun Ilbo (English)

 The Chosun Ilbo (Korean)

The Donga Ilbo (English)

The Donga Ilbo (Korean)

The Korea Herald

The Korea Observer 

The Korea Times



Korean Language and Dialects

Korean Language Overview

North-South Language Differences

Online Translator



Government of South Korea

National Assembly

Office of the President

Provinces of South Korea

Supreme Court


Military and Law Enforcement

Ministry of National Defense

National Police Agency

Republic Armed Forces

Republic Army

Republic Navy

Republic Air Force

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency


History and Culture

Modern South Korean History

South Korean Culture

South Korean History Timeline


Scholarly Sources

Korean Journal Resources

South Korean Academic Journals (Korean and English)


Bilateral Relations of South Korea and USA

Embassy of the United States, Seoul, South Korea

Embassy of South Korea, Washington DC, USA

South Korean Consulates in the US

History of US Relations with South Korea

Current US Relations with South Korea – State Department

Korean Americans


** Pictures from Seoul winning a World Cup game to get the highest level ever for Korea or an Asian team.


Storybasket.com A Korean & English site full of stories about cross culture success and funny stories. 

  This site's Linguist and Language Page.
Active Map for WWW Servers in Korea
WWW Servers in Korea
Internet Korea
Korean Links in Korean
Korean American Web Sites in North America
The Dartmouth Korean Links Page
Asian American Resources
Asian Canadian Resources
University of Hawaii Korean Links
Korea Online
Duke University Virtual Library
HandiLinks to Korea
Korea Network Information Center
Gateway to Korea
Korea Society
Korea WebWeekly
Korean Studies by Frank Hoffman

The Seoul Computer Club


TV & Radio

Arirang Television

Korea Broadcasting System (Korean only)

KBS: http://www.kbs.co.kr/

jhan's krnews - links to Korean news sources


  Korea/Asian Studies  

Kimsoft Korea Web Weekly by Korean Nationalists

Washington Post Archive on North Korea


US Army DLI Homepage (LINGNET) Excellent language info and KS Ref

LingNet, the Defense Language Institute's BBS

Hollym Press - Books on Korean subjects

Five Deck Korean Language Learning



A s i a n N e t - Korea Education WWW Sites

Yonsei University


Berkley EAL

Council on EAL

EAL Library Links

Asian/Korean Studies

Asian Studies Network Information Center, Korea - UTexas

Korea Institute - Harvard

Dongguk Asian Studies

East Asian Co-op Asian Studies

Frank's Korean Studies Page

Hoffman's Kor Study Links

Korea Page

HappyHousing Real Estate - Good Country Info

Asian Studies

Asia Research


The Asia Foundation

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Asia Pacific Policy Program, Harvard University

Asia Program, The Woodrow Wilson Center

Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

The Asia Society

Asian Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Asian Studies Center Backgrounds, Heritage Foundation

East Asia Nonproliferation Project

East-West Center

Global Beat Publications

Japanese Studies Resources, Duke University East Asian Collection

The National Bureau of Asian Research

Peace and Cooperation in the Asian-Pacific Region 

Resources for East Asian Studies, Vanderbilt University 

U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

US Dept. of State Fact Sheet:US-China Relations 

U.S. Information Agency: The United States and APEC

U.S. Info. Agency: The U.S. Commitment to Security in the Asia-Pacific

We all have knowledge on a part of this business. If we share, we all look smart! This is done in conjunction with our list server Security_Manager_Info. Membership is open to all .mil and .gov addresses.  


List of Korean Journals Online

Journal of Korean Studies (UCLA) http://www.isop.ucla.edu/pacrim/pubs/korjournal

Korea Journal (UNESCO) http://kowin.kois.go.kr/koreanstudies/k-journal/kk-jou.html

Korean Studies (Hawaii) http://www.hawaii.edu/uhpress/journals/ks/kshome.html

Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (Seoul National University) http://kowin.kois.go.kr/koreanstudies/s-journal.html



SK telecom

Seoul Page: http://www.seoul.net/seoul.shtml

Korea Confederation of Trade Unions

KRNIC - Korea Network Information Center

LA Korea BBS

PERC, Ltd.: Quality WWW-Sites

WWW Servers in Korea

Korea Yellow Pages

NEW OSAN Korea Retiree info

HappyHousing Real Estate - Good Country Info


Daum and Yahoo! Korea


Donated Links:

Foreign Wife InfoNEW!!!

Thanks Joe B!

Min of Def: http://www.mnd.go.kr/


KBS: http://www.kbs.co.kr/

Monthly Choson: http://monthly.chosun.com/

Yonhap Television Network: http://www.ytn.co.kr/

NKChosen.com (SK info on NK):

Koreascope: http://www.koreascope.org/english/index.htm

These web sites offer a window into the minds of protesters.

Voice of the People (prime source on current Uijongbu demos):

http://antimigun.org ----- http://hanchongryun.jinbo.net

www.antiusarmy.sungnam.net ----- http://www.no-usarmy.wo.to/

the current largest cafe -- "Fair and Square Republic of Korea"

National Campaign for the Eradication of Crime By US Troops in Korea (http://www.usacrime.or.kr/)

Cyber Pomdaewi (http://cyber.antimigun.org/)

"People's Action for Reform of Unjust ROK-US SOFA Agreement"

Anti-US.com (http://www.banmi.com/)

National Campaign for the Eradication of Crime By US Troops in Korea (http://www.usacrime.or.kr/)


The Seoul Computer Club

This page is a joint collaboration with S2Online.Info.org. It will be updated as I get time, and with YOUR input. Email us here. I have gone through the process. Send any questions you have, submit other helpful resources or tell us your experience. You may write in English or Korean.

The mission of this site is to make life easier for those marrying foreign nationals to do it correct, and make life easier for the S2s to tell the correct way for the administrative actions.

Also see: A story about the wedding process for the Korean wife, by a Korean wife (in Korean).

Frequently used links

English language homepage of the US Embassy, Seoul.

Korean language homepage of the US Embassy, Seoul.


Immigrant visas (sometimes known as "green cards") are for persons who are immigrating to the U.S.; that is, persons who plan to live, work or study and remain permanently in America. Immigrant visas (IV) are a responsibility of the U.S. Department of State, Consular Affairs Bureau (CONS/IV). Most IVs require an underlying petition approved by the U.S. Justice Department, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) before any IV processing starts. If you have questions, please contact the responsible agency: CONS/IV or INS.

CONS/IV Seoul, Korea is open to the general public from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. IV applicants are seen by appointment only, Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 12:00. IV is closed to the public Wednesday afternoons and on both U.S. and Korean holidays.

If you have a question concerning IVs, please contact US Embassy at:

82 Sejong-ro, Chongro-Ku, Seoul 110-710 KOREA or
Unit 15550, APO AP 96205-0001

INTL Fax: 822-397-4501,
DOMESTIC FAX: 02-397-4501, DSN FAX: 721-4501

IV information is also available by automated FAX from within Korea by calling 02-700-2510.

The American Embassy is closed on both U.S. and Korean holidays.

Get I-130 Immigration paperwork:


This is the first part of the trek to being able to have your new wife travel with you, when you go to USA. Then you have to do a BIO form G-325A on yourself and your spouse. Below site you will find G-325A:


Info on INS Photograph Requirements which are required for BOTH sponsor and spouse:



Chest xray Required
Interview on post Mr. Ku, JAG, Seoul, Korea

Ration Card, and ID card for Post.

Change insurance GS or SGLI

Open a bank account on post:

USAA Car Insurance and Banking for Military

New Will

Drivers License Pam 385-2 Guide to safe driving in Korea.
M-TH 08-1030 walk in.
Driver Lic
Gas Mask Issue
CPO, insurance

An individual applying at a foreign service post for an immigrant visa and alien registration, i.e., completes the Form DS-230 Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, should answer "yes" to the questions 33a and 33b on the form if he or she wants an SSN assigned.

A Guide to Immigration for Spouses of U.S. citizens in Korea
US Forces Korea Logo

Official organization
for policy matters

US Military Retirees Association Korea Logo

Private organization for
information and assistance


We all have knowledge on a part of this business. If we share, we all look smart! This is done in conjunction with our list server Security_Manager_Info. Membership is open to all .mil and .gov addresses.  


login seoul home

Hee Yun's Little Home

Bug Zine

Kexpat HP



Lee, Il-sang

Teaching Eng

The Korean Connection




NK Crisis Reference

US-DOE Background on North Korea
CIA - World Factbook - Korea, North
North Korea Country Study(LOC)
North Korean Handbook.
FAS: North Korea Special Weapons
North Korea- The Foundations for Military Strength
North Korea- The Foundations
for Military Strength Update 1995

Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!

We all have knowledge on a part of this business. If we share, we all look smart! This is done in conjunction with our list server Security_Manager_Info. Membership is open to all .mil and .gov addresses.  

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