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The new Iraq or OIF webpage.

For the busy S2 Intelligence professional and Security manager.

This is the INDEX for the Iraq, IZ or OIF web.

This is dedicated to my many friends and comrades at arms who are serving far away from home, in the middle east, or getting ready to deploy. TARGET SMART was a buzz word in the 1980s.  It is still very appropriate. I solicit MS Word documents and photos that can be posted to help other MI types.

To contact me click --->

Better link for the Iraq IEW training. http://atiam.train.army.mil/portal/index.jsp

Excellent Document from JFCOM J9 Experiment Support Department on IRAN.  Truly this shows the way to set up Cultural Intelligence or culture study packages to bring troops up to speed quickly.

I am having trouble with this webpage and the pictures. So, depending on your browser, it may look funny. In that case download the MS Word Document version. It is large with embedded photos...so it will take time, but this is very good for use in your office if you are going to study Iran!

Some material can be requested direct from a ME FAO at stephen.franke@us.army.mil He has graciously offered assistance via the Army Counterintelligence Discussion Group.

This area is the index to the various IZ or Iraqi files on this site:

 NEW LTC (Ret) Steve Franke's recent input for personnel deploying.

Also his recent input is below...

We have a couple of tidbits:

1. English <-> Arabic basic phrases for social, courtesy and cooperation situations

2. Examples (with translations) of typical Arabic-language public signage and warning notices.


Readers will need to have a PC with either Windows 2000 or XP (XP is much better) and install with Arabic support to enable proper opening and display of the Arabic text.
That is easy; no sweat.
Arabic language support is included in the basic CD for Win 2K and XP; no special extra software is needed.
To find and install Arabic support (first insert the Wins 2K or Win XP CD, or have it handy):
START => control panel => regional settings => language => Arabic (select "Arabic, Saudi" and forget the other Arabic variants listed) => install => finish => reboot.

This site's Linguist and Language Page.



CIA World Factbook
Library of Congress Country Study


Uruklink.net - Iraqi Gov't links

UT Library Online - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - Iraq Maps


Information on Jemah Islamia, Abu Sayaf and other Terrorist Organizations


Iraqi Missile Facilities Map CIA 2002

Map/Graphic US Naval Support Activity Bahrain

Iraqi Nuclear Weapons Facilities Map CIA 2002

Chemical Weapons Facilities Map CIA 2002

CIA - The World Factbook 2002 -- the Middle East

US Central Command Facilities

Maps of Iraqi Special Weapons Facilities

Iraqi Biological Weapons Facilities Map CIA 2002



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