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DSS new book on "How To Receive And Maintain Your Security Clearance.pdf"

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MI Corps Asso Mentor Page



The Seoul Computer Club

US Military Retirees
Association Korea
US Military Retirees Association Korea

The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) ic3 logo

Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory System
DHS Threat & Protection Advisory Level - Yellow: Significant Risk of Terrorist Attacks

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Small Arms Storage Racks

State Dept Travel Advisories

DSS new book on "How To Receive And Maintain Your Security Clearance.pdf"

Current Travel Warnings
This State Dept link is great for all offices that have to prepare travel briefing

Links for Security Managers

The Internet has become the superhighway for Urban Legends.   The first site that I go to in verifying the accuracy of a story is at  The second site is at

MI Corps Asso Mentor Page.

Webmaster is one of 12 mentors



HQDA G2 info page!!


Army Counterintelligence Discussion Group - Thanks Raymond

U.S. Army Central Personnel Security Clearance Facility (CCF)

 CIA World Factbook The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal

DoD Webmasters List FAQ Good stuff!!

Defend America

Federal Information Processing Standards Publications FIPSPUB 140-1 and applies to SBU



CIAC Internet Hoaxes

US Army Publishing Agency Bookshelves

Fleet Internet Security Handbook


Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team

Army SSN Lookup ( Must be from a .mil computer)

Library of Congress Country Studies

The S2 Company

National Counterintelligence Center - Publications

The DA Dissemination Program Manager (DADPM) has put their open source country link pages (currently over 83 countries) on the Army Online Portal at'll have to log on using an Army Online userid/password. If you are not registered for the Army Online Portal, I suggest doing so. It's a great resource. You can register at  Any Active, reserve component, or retired soldier can register.

The Full Book: Security Clearances and the Protection of National Security Information: Law and Procedures.

ID Theft Help

NEW: Counterintelligence History Photo Page

*New DOD Defending America Webpage

*ILCO lock instructions and support


NEW TRAVEL Security Page

Espionage Against the United States by American Citizens 1947-2001" by Katherine L. Herbig and Martin F. Wiskoff, is available here:

Humor in Combat

Links for the S2, especially in Korea!

607th Weather Squadron

Chosun Ilbo English Edition

Eighth United States Army Intranet Start Page

EPSQ Receipts System

ESP Extranet For Sec Prof

Korea Times

Regional Computer Emergency Response Team - Korea

Selective Service -- Verification

TSACS -- Home Page 

World Wide Locator Req page

Zip Code Lookup and Address Information

Yonhap News Korea

Korea Infogate NEW!

AFN Korea

121 Gen Hospital Internet Refill Service  Can only be used from a .mil computer and then you must go to pharm refill section.

CNN FN Currency Converter

NEW OSAN Korea Retiree info  Great, Timely Cyber Info and newsletter sign up is possible.  

SEE STATE DEPT 2001 Terrorism report on the FP and Intel pages.


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This is one of the best tools, government paid for and operated. What Is the ADR?

The Adjudicative Desk Reference (ADR) provides convenient access to the following information:

  • Adjudicative Guidelines: This is the official U.S. Government policy that guides decisions on an individual’s eligibility for access to classified information, that is, eligibility for a security clearance.
  • Supplemental Information to the Adjudicative Guidelines: This is a large compendium of background information and reference materials on the diverse human behaviors covered by the 13 issue areas of adjudicative concern. As noted below, Supplemental Information is not U.S. Government policy. It is a job aid to assist security personnel in making informed judgments to implement policy.
  • Policy Documents: Executive Orders 12968 and 10450 and Director of Central Intelligence Directive 1/14 are the principal national-level policy documents that guide the U.S. Government personnel security program.

    The Personnel Security Committee of the U.S. Government Security Policy Board considers this program ARD a valuable tool and encourages its use by all U.S. Government agencies that make personnel security decisions. The program was developed by the Security Research Center of the Defense Security Service. It has been reviewed by DoD Public Affairs and approved for public release. This is version 99.1-html dated January 1999.

Adjudicative Guidelines
Approved by the President March 24, 1997

Security Clearance Manual ( and many articles regarding federal security clearance processing and suitability issue mitigation. 

Some of these articles are posted at and others including my most recent article on the “New Federal Investigative Standards” are at posted at  There is also a very active security clearance blog (actually a forum) at where a few other security clearance investigators and I answer questions about security clearance processing.




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