Below are photos of Korean Marine Birthday events.  First part is 15 Apr 2002.  The Taekwondo was OUTSTANDING.

ROKMC Escort Vehicles for escort. Retirees driving.Mr. Kang, Chief Director of ROK/US Marine Friendship Asso with Mr. Kim, Hung Guk. Kim, Hung Guk, famous singer and JRL

Kim Hung Guk's Soccer team against the ROKMC.

JRL with Former Korean CMC and Congressman for Korean National Assembly.



19 April 2002// Tonight was the Korean Marine Band Concert.  The ROKMC Band was outstanding.  They had the silent drill team perform on stage before hand, with fixed bayonets!! (OSHA would have fun with this group, more later!) This was held at KBS Concert Hall, in Seoul, which was made by the broadcast people for television. The Koreans gave me VIP seats, so I had plenty of room for my legs. They started with their ROKMC Hymn and then played non-military songs.  1812 Overture was outstanding in a concert hall!! For the cannons, they marched the drill team in...and then they fired volleys of 2 shots, (Perfect timing!!)... BUT, inside a concert hall, two blank M-14 rounds going off sounds LOUD!!! Like I said, OSHA would be in business for a long time....if there was an organization like them in Korea. They also played the Titanic Medley, Hallelujah Chorus and American Graffiti XI. It was excellent. Some professional singers came in, a choir came in, and a very nice on the eyes young Korean lady singer.  They young ROK Marines in the audience went wild.  She talked to them, and notice the US Marines and personnel. She started talking to them in Korean and they never noticed...I was on the other side of the place from that group...she would have got answered from me! This was the end of a week of ceremonies.  Many former ROK Marines living in USA flew to Korea for this. They were from Wash DC, OH, Chicago, LA and Kansas City.  Lots of interesting people. Successful people who made the American dream work.


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