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Annual Event to Honor The Top 100
Proud Former Marines Assisting ROK Marines


A Rough Translation of the Event Title


On 12 Dec 2001 the ROK/US Marine Corps Friendship Association had a gala event to honor the "Top 100 Former Marines assisting ROK Marines." A group of former USMC were happy to be included in this event that showcases the top 100 people who helped the welfare of Marines in Korea.


Pictures are below the English version of the Toast given by the US members. The version in Korean language is below the photos. IF your browser does not support Korean language characters, it will come in as ??? or a mess.

(Click over any image for full-size photo and description)



   Some 80 Countries lost citizens during the attack on the USA on 11 September. We are at risk until we eliminate the terrorist menace, including terrorist networks, and their leaders. Korea has a long history of dealing with terrorism, from the attack on the Blue House, to Rangoon, to the blowing up of a KAL plane in 1987 to spoil the 88 Olympics. Korea has been strong and a success. We, USA, will persever and win also.

   President Bush asked us to be ready in this terrorist war. He as said, “We will not change our way of life, we will change their way of life!”

   This terrorist group operates in 60 countries in the world, many countries close to Korea. We will work together to be stronger and safe. Over 80 countries lost citizens, to include Korea. The USA is deeply grateful to all who have joined the great coalition against terror, and Korea was one of the early countries to aid in this effort.

I propose a Toast:

   To the Republic of Korea, their military, and especially their ROK Marines, for the fine assistance we will look forward to in the future, of making both our countries and the world a safer place.












Credit for below photos go to Bill H.






초 대 합 니 다

급변하는 국.내외 정세속에서도 지역 균형발전을 위하여 해병대정신으로 주축이 되어 각계 각층에서 맡은바 소임을 다하시는 귀 전우님에게 힘찬 격려와 찬사를 보냅니다.

다름 아니옵고 격동하는 21세기의 저무는 한해를 보내면서 차분한 마음으로 지난 시간의 반성과 새로운 시작의 설계를 위하여 자랑스러운 전우님들의 상호 만남의 시간을 갖고져 초대하오니 부디 참석하시어 자랑스럽고 빛나는 자리를 만들어 주시면 감사하겠습니다.


자랑스러운 해병대 100인회

명예회장   해병학교7  이 화 출(예비역 해병대 준장/해병대6여단장)

준비위원   해병학교32  유 화 선(전우회중앙회 부총재)

행사위원   해병163  강 경 서(해병대전우복지단장)


= 세부사항 =
초대일시 : 20011212(수요일) 오후 6
초대장소 : 용산역 철도회관 웨딩홀(용사의 집 옆 건물)
참가비 : 130,000, 부부동반 50,000(송년 기념품 및 100인 상패증정)
행사내용 : 1부 공식행사 및 시상 / 2부 만찬 및 여흥
복 장 : 정장 및 연미복 또는 행사복장

행사준비상 필요하오니 참석여부를 필히 통보하여 주시기 바랍니다. (02-749-0928)




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