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The Marine Page

Sources of Goods for Marines.

Some People Spend An Entire Lifetime Wondering If They Made A Difference,
The Marines Don't Have That Problem
President Ronald Reagan - 1985


The Marine Corps League


Your site for ROK/US Marine Corps Friendship Asso is

Photos from trip to Camp Lejeune NC

ROK Marine Corps Store has NEW Items!!


Republic of Korea/US Marine Corps Friendship Association, Seoul, Korea

2d Marine Div Association (SMDA)

Great Page

I belong to: Westchester County Detachment, Marine Corps League


Google Custom Search


The Seoul Computer Club

US Military Retirees
Association Korea
US Military Retirees Association Korea

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Marine Corps Counterintelligence Asso WebPage

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Links to Marine Corps related sites
(and other sites of interest to Marines)
Young Marines of the Marine Corps League Sites
1st Battalion Young Marines - North Carolina
Louisiana Young Marines Web Regiment
Sooner Young Marines - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Quantico Young Marines - Quantico, Virginia
Raleigh-Durham Young Marines - Raleigh, NC
Tri-State Young Marines, Weirton, WV
.ORG (Non-profit) Sites
Conrad F. Kania U.S. Marine Corps Monument and Memorial
Col. Charles Waterhouse Historical Museum Museum highlighting works of art by note d  U.S. Marine Corps Combat Artist and combat and Col. Charles Waterhouse, USMC (Ret.)
Faithful Few M/C - Club of Marines.
Marines at Midway - USMC World War II historical monograph
Marines for Marines - Website relating to Marines. Will assist  
    detachments with website construction. Includes links.
Military Order of Devil Dogs - An unofficial site dedicated to the
     members of the Military Order of Devil Dogs "The Fun & Honor Society of  the Marine Corps League."
Marine Corps League Detachments' Web site links - A linked list
     of detachments who have a presence on the Internet.
 MCL Museum A patriotic endeavor of the Northeastern Detachment
     of Scranton, PA.  Located at 1340 Alder Street, off Wintermantel Ave.
National Association of Naval Veterans - Port 5, Bridgeport, CT.
     Formed in Philadelphia after the Civil War as the David Farragut, National
     Association of Naval Veterans it was initially an officers club. Membership
     has since been expanded to include all of the sea services. Veterans of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and other branches of the military.
Women Marines Association - A non-profit, non-political veterans
    association comprised of women who have served as United States Marines.
China Marines - Variously called Horse Marines, Old China 
     Hands - They are the China Marines
.MIL (Military) Sites
Defense Briefing - A daily online source for U.S. national defense news.
     Site-wide access includes articles and photos on military weapon systems.
Defense Technical Information Center
- The central Department of
     Defense facility for providing access to and facilitating the exchange of
     scientific and technical information.
DoD Internet Resources / Links - Alphabetical listing of DoD
     produced Internet sites.

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms - A guide for
     those who have mastered all of the military jargon.

Marines Magazine - Current issue
U.S. Marine Corps - The official WWW information service of the United
     States Marine Corps
U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters, Washington, D.C. - This site is
     mainly of interest to Marines on Active Duty.
Commandant's Page - Photo, speeches and bio of CMC
U.S. Marine Corps Uniform Regulations -  Official U. S. Marine
     Corps Uniform Regulations
.GOV (Government) Sites

Department of Veterans Affairs. A comprehensive directory of the
      revamped VA web sites, including forms and online applications and

.COM (Commercial)

"Chesty's" - Retired Gunny Kurt Grinstead and SSgt. Jeff Anema
     restaurant/nightclub in Fresno, CA (Marine theme and memorabilia).

Chuck Tatum
- Books & Videos of World War II.
Marine Corps Combat Art - Colonel Charles Waterhouse, USMC
     (Ret.), former U.S. Marine Corps Artist in Residence, offers books and
     portfolio of limited edition and popular prints spanning entire spectrum of Corps' history.
The Marine Shop - Quantico, Va
- "Clothier to the officer and
    Gentleman;" Fine quality uniforms for Marine Officers and NCOs; On-line
VNU Expositions - Manages military, including Modern Day Marine
     Expo; adult services; arts; local/state governments; parks; product branding;
     hospitality design; training and other expositions.
Faith of My Fathers - Presidential candidate John McCain's new
     book detailing the life of three generations of McCain's Navy heroes,
     grandfather Admiral John (Slew) McCain and father Admiral John McCain;
     and his own life experiences as John McCain, former Prisoner of War and
     now Senator John McCain.
Heritage Studio - Includes portfolio of artist LtCol. D. J. Neary, USMCR
     who has over 73 works in the official Marine Corps Art Collection.

Making The Corps
- The new book (Simon & Schuster) by acclaimed
     military journalist Thomas E. Ricks. James Webb, former Secretary of the
     Navy and author of Fields of Fire says, "This is a book filled with insight
     and compassion, marked by respect for those who serve, and yet told from the
     questioning perspective of a first-rate reporter.
" The MCL Palmetto
     Detachment in Columbia, SC, is featured in the book.
Marines Motorcycle Club - Headquarters in Antelope, CA, with about
    100 members in 15 states, is open to Marines with honorable
    discharge/service who ride an American Harley (clone) motorcycle.
Marine Snipers. - Site of 5th Marine Scout Snipers
Military Travel Guide - One-stop source for military leisure, travel and
     recreation information for all services.
Patriot Dreams - The Murder of Col. Rich Higgins. This new book is by
    Rich Higgins' widow, LtCol. Robin Higgins, USMC (Ret.). William R. (Rich)
    Higgins is the namesake of the Col William R. (Rich) Higgins Detachment of
    the Marine Corps League in Newport, RI, and also, the newly commissioned
    destroyer USS HIGGINS. To order from Amazon Books click here.
    Return to Our Heritage, Philadelphia, PA 11Nov2000 - An
     invitation to all Marines and FMF Navy Hospital Corpsmen to participate in
     a National Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Philadelphia, PA, birthday place of
     the Corps.   
Sierra Multimedia Productions, Inc. - Internet/World Wide Web
     presence providers & multimedia developers based in Northern Virginia.
     Download FREE interactive Internet Guide.
Tun Tavern Brewing Co. - Tun Tavern was the birthplace of the US
     Marine Corps and first Philadelphia brewhouse.
Vietnam War Library. - Site of interests to Marines with links to other
     Marine oriented organizations.
Welcome American Patriots - Marine Vietnam vet Al Varelas
     prepared an Internet site of special interest to Marines.


Thanks Al!!

MARINE CORPS TANKERS ASSOCIATION- Our voice to encourage and maintain the tanker legend

RECON MARINES.COM- official site of 1st Recon Bn, 1st Platoon

USMC FORCE RECON ASSOCIATION- link forever those who served together

USMC SCOUT/SNIPER ASSOCIATION- the official usmc scout/sniper association

Support Groups
Women Marines
Young Marines
External Links

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ROK Marine Corps Store has NEW Items!!


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