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S&G Locks

Kaba-Mas are the current locks, some may say Mas-Hamilton! See below.

DoD Lock Program is the best location for Gov lock info. These are HTTPS secure links for the lock program. (This is a recent change.)

 Department of Defense Lock Program Logo


X-09 Combination Lock -
Used for the Protection of Classified Information

   X-09 Operating Instructions

More info below from the Executive Agent for the DOD lock program.

National Security Information Destruction
National Security Information (NSI)
Storage Media Routine Destruction Methods

The NSI Destruction Guidance Manual is now out-dated. For the latest guidance on how to routinely destroy classified information stored on electronic media visit the National Security Agency's website at: NSA Media Destruction Guidance.

Information Bulletins

See the Latest Information and Updates to Physical Security Equipment and Procedures

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Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center Logo

Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC)

Security Engineering Division
DoD Lock Program
1100 23rd Avenue
Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4370



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