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     The mission of this site is to share SOPs and questions, especially for the non-MI who get thrown into an S2 slot with no training.  This will give you a system to ask questions, with out appearing the fool in front of your commander. We all have knowledge on a part of this business. If we share, we all look smart!  This is done in conjunction with our list server Security_Manager_Info. Membership is open to all .mil and .gov addresses.   Information may be found at:

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New International Terrorism Open Database Project. Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!

7 April - Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar at bottom of this page.

30 March - TRAVEL Security page due to 9/11 this is big business for Sec Mgrs.

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Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar at bottom of this page



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Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar

New International Terrorism Open Database Project. Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!

·          05/20/1989
China (People's Republic of)
Martial Law in Beijing
The death of Hu Yao Bang on April 15 set off protests, hunger strikes, and the occupation of Tienanmen Square by pro-democracy student radicals, which led to the imposition of martial law in Beijing.

·          05/20/1990
Gunman Kills Eight Arabs
A lone Israeli gunman killed eight Arab laborers in Rishon Le Ziyyon, south of Tel Aviv. Nine workers were injured. The gunman was identified as a discharged Israeli soldier.

·          05/20/1973
Polisario Starts Armed Strife
Polisario guerrillas begin their armed struggle against Morocco in the western Sahara.

·          05/20/1927
Saudi Arabia
Independence Day

·          05/21
Battle of Iquique

·          05/21/1991
Rajiv Gandi Assassinated
Former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated during a campaign rally in Tamil Nadu State.

·          05/22/1972
Sri Lanka
Republic Day
Also known as National Heroes' Day.

·          05/22/1990
North and South Yemen Reunited
North and South Yemen signed an agreement reuniting the country. Declared as "Yemeni National Day."

·          05/23/1951
China (People's Republic of)
Tibet Under Chinese Rule
Tibet was "peacefully liberated" when representatives of the Dalai Lama signed an agreement with the Beijing government accepting Chinese rule in return for a promise of greater autonomy.

·          05/23/1949
Germany, Federal Republic of
Federal Republic Proclaimed

·          05/24/1990
Day of the Slavonic Enlighterners Cyril and Methodius, of Bulgarian education and culture.

·          05/24/1822
Independence Day

·          05/24/1993
Independence Day
The country of Eritrea formally declared independence today after 30 years of war and two years of stabilization before separating from Ethiopia.

·          05/24/1984
Urban Terrorism Begins
Philippine constabulary chief Tomas Karingal was shot by five gunmen who subsequently fled, covering their escape with smoke grenades. This attack is generally considered the inauguration of the era of urban terrorism in Manila, and coincides with the formation of the Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB), the urban terrorist or "sparrow" unit of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

·          05/25/1963
OAU - Africa Freedom Day
The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was founded on May 25, 1963. The day is celebrated as Africa Freedom Day. The OAU is organized to promote unity and cooperation among African states.

·          05/25/1967
Self-Government Achieved

  • 05/25/1946

  • Jordan
    Independence Day

    Following the end of the British mandate over Transjordan (May 22), Jordan became the independent Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan.

MAY 02 Virus Dates

Mcafee produces GOOD info in a usable format.

Virus Calendar from
The viruses shown below can infect a system 365 days a year. But on the payload dates designated on this calendar, the viruses may do more than just infect you. While these payloads may just be a nuisance, some may severely damage your system.
1 Wed | WM/BADBOY.A;B;C | WM/CVCK1.B;E | Tribute.A;B | Acid.A (intended) | WM/Theatre.A
2 Thu | Flip | WM/Alliance.A | WM/Helper.C;D;E
3 Fri | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/HELPER.F;G;H
4 Sat | WM/Helper.C;D;E | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
5 Sun | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/HELPER.F;G;H | AOS.A | W97M/Jackal.A
6 Mon | WM/KOMPU.A | WM/Helper.C;D;E | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
7 Tue | WM/Alliance.A | WM/ERASER.H | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
8 Wed | WM/KOMPU.A | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
9 Thu | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | TRASHER.D | W97M/Jackal.A | Acid.A (intended)
10 Fri | WM/Helper.A;B | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | AOS.A | Grass.A:De | W97M/Nono.A
11 Sat | WM/Alliance.A | WM/MERCY.B | WM/CVCK1.A | WM/JUNKFACE.A;B | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
12 Sun | WM/Alliance.A | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/Envader.A (Intended)
13 Mon | WM/BOOM.A;B | WM/BADBOY.A;B;C | WM/FRIDAY.A | WM/CVCK1.B;E | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/Envader.A (Intended) | WM/Goldsecret.B:Int | WM/FRIDAY.D | Twno.A
14 Tue | WM/PHARDERA.C ;D (INTENDED) | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | W97M/Class.B | W97M/Class.D
15 Wed | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | AOS.A | Tribute.A;B | W97M/Jackal.A | WM/Theatre.A
16 Thu | WM/Concept.F;G;J | WM/ERASER.H | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | Tribute.A;B
17 Fri | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | W97M/Jackal.A | Acid.A (intended)
18 Sat | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
19 Sun | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | Tribute.A;B | W95/Firkin.worm
20 Mon | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | Gurre.A | AOS.A
21 Tue | WM/MDMA.C;D;H
22 Wed | WM/MDMA.C;D;H
23 Thu | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | TRASHER.D | W97M/Melissa.o@mm
25 Sat | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | AOS.A | W97M/Jackal.A | Acid.A (intended)
27 Mon | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | WM/HELPER.F;G;H | W97M/Jackal.A
28 Tue | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | WM/Eraser.B;C:Tw
29 Wed | WM/MDMA.C;D;H
30 Thu | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | AOS.A | Tribute.A;B | FHD.A | W97M/Jackal.A
31 Fri | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | WM/PHARDERA.C ;D (INTENDED) | WM/CVCK1.A | Tribute.A;B | FHD.A | W97M/Caligula.a

Past Calendars are located at below link.

The goal is to get a years worth of these.

Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar in the past, go to   

New International Terrorism Open Database Project. Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!

These date come from the hard work of Coast Guardsman CWO Anthony M. Davis and McAffee Anti-Virus.


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