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     The mission of this site is to share SOPs and questions, especially for the non-MI who get thrown into an S2 slot with no training.  This will give you a system to ask questions, with out appearing the fool in front of your commander. We all have knowledge on a part of this business. If we share, we all look smart!  This is done in conjunction with our list server Security_Manager_Info. Membership is open to all .mil and .gov addresses.   Information may be found at:

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New International Terrorism Open Database Project. Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!

7 April - Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar at bottom of this page.

30 March - TRAVEL Security page due to 9/11 this is big business for Sec Mgrs.

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Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar at bottom of this page


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Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar

New International Terrorism Open Database Project. Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!


·          06/18/1953
Evacuation Day

The monarchy was abolished and Egypt was declared a republic following the coup led by Gamel Abd El Nasser.

·          06/18/1986
Canto Grande Prison Massacre

Security forces killed more than two hundred jailed members of the Sendero Luminoso (SL) guerrilla organization during a riot at Lima's Canto Grande prison. The event is marked by the guerrillas as "Heroes Day."

·          06/19/1965
President Overthrown by Coup

President Ahmed Ben Bella was overthrown by a military coup.

·          06/19/1951
Army-People Solidarity Day

Celebrates the founding of the Cambodian People's Armed Forces.

·          06/19/1961
Independence Day

·          06/20/1960
Independence Granted

·          06/22/1941
Germany, Russia
German Invasion of USSR Begins

German troops invaded the USSR.


·          06/22/1969
Qahtan Al-Shaabi Overthrown

President Qahtan Al-Shaabi was overthrown by the National Liberation Front. The name of the country subsequently was changed to the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen.

·          06/23/1985
Canada, India, Japan
Bombing of Air India Flight

A bomb exploded on an Air India flight over the North Atlantic following its departure from Canada, killing all three hundred twenty-nine passengers on board. A second bomb exploded at Narita Airport in Japan, killing two people. Sikh extremists claimed responsibility for both bombings.

·          06/23/1989
Okinawa Memorial Day

·          06/23/1993
Middle East
Ashura (10th of Muharam)

Marks the martyrdom of Ali Hussein, the tenth Imam of Islam. Significant to Shi'a Moslems. Marked by emotional processions (involving self-flagellation) in Shi'a areas.

·          06/24
Manila Day

Upcoming World Events of Interest

   ·          JUNE 20, 2002. SPAIN. The European Union Summit opens in Sevilla. The event will last three days.

·          JUNE 23, 2002. CAMEROON. Municipal and legislative elections.

·          JUNE 24, 2002. NORWAY. The World Bank sponsored ABCDE conference will be held in Oslo. Anti-globalization demonstrations can be expected. The conference ends on June 26.

·          JUNE 26, 2002. CANADA. G8 Summit to be held, Jun 26-28, in Kamanaskis, a small town west of Calgary, Alberta.

·          JUNE 30, 2002. BOLIVIA. General Elections to elect new president, vice president and federal legislators. Large-scale demonstrations expected.

·          JUNE 30, 2002. GUINEA. Legislative elections to be held.


·          JUNE 30, 2002. JAPAN. Soccer World Cup finals held in Yokohama. Games conclude.

·          JULY 01, 2002. JORDAN. Parliamentary elections take place this month. The exact date will be announced later.

·          JULY 07, 2002. COTE D'IVOIRE. Country's first-ever departmental (province-level) elections

·          JULY 08, 2002. FIJI. The Fijian government hosts a meeting of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) leaders in Suva. The event will last until July 12.

·          JULY 21, 2002. MICRONESIA (FED. STATES). Fifth Micronesian games open in Kolonia, Pohnpei.

·          AUGUST 07, 2002. COLOMBIA. Pres. Alvaro Uribe inaugurated, replacing outgoing chief executive Andres Pastrana.

·          AUGUST 10, 2002. NIGERIA. Local government elections.

For Questions or Comments regarding this report, contact CWO Anthony M. Davis at (251) 441-5755


JUNE 02 Virus Dates

Mcafee produces GOOD info in a usable format.

Virus Calendar from
The viruses shown below can infect a system 365 days a year. But on the payload dates designated on this calendar, the viruses may do more than just infect you. While these payloads may just be a nuisance, some may severely damage your system.
1 Sat | WM/BADBOY.A;B;C | WM/CVCK1.B;E | WM/HARK.A | Tribute.A;B | Acid.A (intended) | WM/Theatre.A
2 Sun | Flip | WM/Alliance.A | WM/Helper.C;D;E
3 Mon | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/HELPER.F;G;H
4 Tue | WM/Helper.C;D;E | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
5 Wed | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/HELPER.F;G;H | AOS.A | W97M/Jackal.A
6 Thu | WM/KOMPU.A | WM/Helper.C;D;E | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
7 Fri | WM/Alliance.A | WM/ERASER.H | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
8 Sat | WM/KOMPU.A | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
9 Sun | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | TRASHER.D | W97M/Jackal.A | Acid.A (intended)
10 Mon | WM/Helper.A;B | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | AOS.A | W97M/Nono.A
11 Tue | WM/Alliance.A | WM/MERCY.B | WM/CVCK1.A | WM/JUNKFACE.A;B | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
12 Wed | WM/Alliance.A | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/Envader.A (Intended)
13 Thu | WM/BOOM.A;B | WM/BADBOY.A;B;C | WM/FRIDAY.A | WM/CVCK1.B;E | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | WM/Envader.A (Intended) | WM/Goldsecret.B:Int | WM/FRIDAY.D | Twno.A
14 Fri | WM/PHARDERA.C ;D (INTENDED) | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | W97M/Class.B | W97M/Class.D | W97M/Class.Q
15 Sat | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | AOS.A | Tribute.A;B | W97M/Jackal.A | WM/Theatre.A
16 Sun | WM/Concept.F;G;J | WM/ERASER.H | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | Tribute.A;B
17 Mon | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | W97M/Jackal.A | Acid.A (intended)
18 Tue | WM/Eraser.A:Tw
19 Wed | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | Ciudad.590 | Tribute.A;B | W95/Firkin.worm
20 Thu | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | WM/Eraser.A:Tw | Gurre.A | AOS.A
21 Fri | Werewolf.1168 | WM/MDMA.C;D;H
22 Sat | WM/MDMA.C;D;H
23 Sun | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | TRASHER.D | W97M/Melissa.o@mm
25 Tue | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | AOS.A | W97M/Jackal.A | Acid.A (intended)
27 Thu | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | WM/HELPER.F;G;H | W97M/Jackal.A
28 Fri | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | WM/Eraser.B;C:Tw
29 Sat | WM/MDMA.C;D;H
30 Sun | WM/MDMA.C;D;H | AOS.A | Tribute.A;B | FHD.A | W97M/Jackal.A

Past Calendars are located at below link.

The goal is to get a years worth of these.

Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar in the past, go to

New International Terrorism Open Database Project. Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!

These dates come from the hard work of Coast Guardsman CWO Anthony M. Davis and McAffee Anti-Virus.



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