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We all have knowledge on a part of this business. If we share, we all look smart! This is done in conjunction with our list server Security_Manager_Info. Membership is open to all .mil and .gov addresses.  

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Most of these sites offer more than job listings. They offer information on
job fairs, updating your resume, and an opportunity to post a job

eMail me if you have other good links

  Job Links  

Current as of Jan 2007!  There are three difference areas below:

1. Intelligence Community // Military/Veteran Community sites
2. Defense Contractor Company sites
3. General Job Help, or Government Job Help, or Government Job sites

Intelligence Community // Military/Veteran Community sites:

Central Intelligence Agency Jobs

Defense Intelligence Agency Jobs

Intel Career Center

Military Hire.Com

National Ground Intelligence Center

Security Clearance Jobs -

VetJobs -  VetJobs was the first Internet job site used by the CIA. It is also the leading recruiting site for NGA, DIA, etc.  VetJobs is sponsored and partially owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and is the only job board endorsed by the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Veterans Business Network

Defense Contractor Company sites:


BAE Systems

Battelle Science & Technology International


Booz Allen Hamilton

Caliber, an ICF Consulting Company

DESE Research Inc.

Electronic Warfare Associates

Lockheed Martin Corporation

MPRI - Taking Expertise Around the World

Northrop Grumman

SAIC Job Opportunities Career Find Your Job

Tapestry Solutions

TEK systems

Titan - L-3 Communications

General Job Help, or Government Job Help, or Government Job sites:

Avue Central

CareerBuilder--The Most Jobs on the Web

Department of Defense Login - VMET

FedWorld U.S. Govt Federal Job Search Homepage - job listings and resumes

Quintessential Careers - Guide to College, Careers, & Jobs

Salaries and Wages


U.S. Customs & Border Protection

U.S. Department of Labor

USAJOBS - US Government Jobs

Science on-line Job Listings

Best Jobs USA


CareerMosaic also offers a number of international sites to help you find opportunities or recruit in markets around the world.

Search Newspaper Employment Ads From Six Major Cities - free registration.

Chronicle of Higher Education

Site contains an extensive listing of academic position and related openings.

Federal Jobs

Once you're online go to

Federal Jobs


High Technology Careers

High Tech Careers Virtual Job Fair is the top high-tech job web site, attracting over 300,000 job-search queries daily, featuring over 600 employers listing over 20,000 high technology career opportunities, a Resume Center with over 60,000 searchable resumes and growing, career resources and more.

The Internet Job Source

An extensive website for finding jobs at America's top employers with links to over 200 Fortune 500 corporations.


Every business day, JobCenter's Intelligent Agent software goes to work for you, matching your qualifications and e-mailing you the results.


The largest source of IT jobs in the UK.

Online Career Center

OCC provides a database, job and resume files, company information and profiles, and online search software to assist both employers and applicants.


This site has many types of jobs related to the semiconductor microelectronics industry.

OSE Co  Sales and Consulting company

Jobs for Intelligence Personnel

News Feed Temporarily Unavailable

New Donated Links

Organizations The Best Job Search on the Internet.


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GS Civil Service Info

Intelligence Jobs

Retirement Info


OPM Retirement Info

Also see the Department of Energy Jobs  DOE Jobs

USAJOBS Working for America


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Competitive Intel

Competitive Intelligence International
Fuld & Co (good links)
Right Data (good links)
TETRALOGIE: A method for Competitive Intelligence.

Civil Service info




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