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OPM Retirement Info


Opportunities with the US Federal Government

Government Sources: Job Banks | Other Sources: Job Leads | More Sources for Your Search

Government Sources: Job Banks

USAJobs from OPM
...web page from the Office of Personnel Management with the official job listings for the Federal Government and the salary charts, resume info, etc. Very nice. Make this your first stop if you are looking for a job with the Federal Government. Almost everyone is required to post all open positions here, so it will save you a lot of time and effort. However, since many departments and agencies list openings on their own web sites, we have provided a short list of sources to help you locate and connect with these individual sites.
... from OPM and the Dept. of Education's Student Financial Assistance office. "This Web site is designed to be your one stop for information you need to find the job you want in the Federal Government. Whether you’re in high school, college, or graduate school, you could be eligible for a variety of special opportunities for students in the Federal government. [...] Most Federal agencies are required to post vacancies on this database; and has gathered information on the agencies that aren't required to post their vacancies at Other Job Opportunities, giving you the most comprehensive access to Federal job opportunities available. Learn about co-ops, internships, summer employment, the Outstanding Scholars Program, volunteer opportunities, and plenty of temporary and permanent part-time and full-time jobs." Search for jobs, post a profile for auto-matching, post your resume, learn about the many government agencies and department, and link to those who aren't required to post their information in OPM's central database, USAJobs.
FedWorld Federal Jobs page
... searchable database of Federal job listings. It will connect you to USAJobs at OPM to read the full announcements.

Other Sources: Job Leads

These list Federal job openings, but they are published by private companies and organizations. You may find additional listings under General State Sources.
Federal Computer Week Career Channels
FCW is the magazine for IS/IT in the US Government. The Career Channels includes very brief job announcements for IT positions in the Federal government. (check USAjobs for fuller announcements.) Looks like these update weekly on Tuesday. site which replicates the job listings posted by the Feds in their own sites, but this is a bit cleaner and less reliant on you knowing exactly what you are looking for. Search by title or by location. One note: the layout of the specific job listings includes a lot of white space, so scroll down the page to view the whole listing. All applications must go through the cited application source, not this site.
Federal Job Source Federal Openings Nationwide
...great listing of links to many Federal agencies, provided by the Internet Job Source
Federal Jobs Digest
...private resource for listings of Federal jobs. Nicely arranged by job group (science, administration, law enforcement.) Unfortunately you must register and submit your resume in order to search the jobs for free. No resume, then $10 for 30 days., The Federal Personnel Guide
...published by the Key Communications Group, Inc., this site features information and good excerpts on all facets of employment and work in the Federal Government, including jobs with the USPS and the Civil Service Program. Jobs and Careers
...A service of Government Executive Magazine, this site features a weekly Federal Career Corner, salary and training information, and OPM job listings for Senior Executives. The Help for Federal Employees link provides access to several non-government sites of interest to federal government job seekers, including a guidebook for resume writing, Federal Personnel Guide, and other helpful resources.


More Sources for Your Search
..."Your Guide to Government Services." Easy way to get to what you need from the Feds, including links to agencies, etc.
Stephen Barr's Federal Diary
This column appears Sunday through Friday in the Metro Section of the Washington Post and is a great source of current information on the happenings that affect employees and employment with the Federal Government. Among his daily reports are frequent announcements of new openings and who to contact for more information, so this is a great place to watch for good news.
The Resume Place
Kathryn Kraemer Troutman, author of the Federal Resume Guidebook, gives you great information on creating your Federal or private sector resume. She also covers areas such as the application process, the KSA, and other unique areas involved in seeking work with the Feds.
The United States Government Manual
... several editions of who's who in our government. The manual covers agencies in all three branches of the government as well as "quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees." Agency descriptions include main officials, the agency's purpose and history, its activities, and a section entitled "Sources of Interest," which gives information such as employment, publications, and other activities of interest to the general public. Each section of the document is available in text or .pdf format.
Official US Executive Branch Web Sites
... this list is from the Library of Congress
You may also want to check our Capitol Hill & Public Affairs Jobs and The Federal Judiciary System

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US Department of Defense & Military Service

Including the branches of the United States Armed Forces


DefenseLink Careers
... the official website of the U.S. Department of Defense, developed to serve as the starting point for finding U.S. military information online. This page lists links to Civilian Job Opportunities as well as the Recruiting Sites for all branches of the military. There are several sources for these listings, so this serves as a nice central resource. To learn more about the Department of Defense and U.S. Military, review the Defense Almanac, found under Publications.
Go-Defense, Civilian Jobs in the US Department of Defense
...operated by the Defense Applicant Assistance Office (DAAO), this site is designed to assist persons pursuing civilian positions with the US Department of Defense. The site includes information on the many civilian occupations available and then outlines opportunities for experienced professionals, new college graduates, veterans, and disabled veterans.
Today’s Military
... a one-stop center for all the information needed to explore the U.S. Military Services, opportunities available in the military, and military life. There are many ways to access the information here, including the links at the top of the page (What It Is, What It’s Like, What You Get, How to Decide, Next Steps), selecting from the menu of quick links in the middle of the page, or by selecting the information you’d like to see based on who you are (parents, teacher, or student/person considering serving.) They encourage people to really consider whether the military is a good choice before enlisting, and offer suggestions to guide a person in this decision-making process.

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United States Armed Forces/a>

Connect to each service's web site for more information on military service opportunities, benefits of a military career, and recruiter locations. We also have information for Musicians interested in the Military's Musical Organizations.
GoArmy the U.S. Army Recruiting Home Page
"Be all you can be!" Call 1-800-USA-ARMY, fill in the handy online form or send e-mail to the appropriate contact for more information about careers in the U.S. Army. Their Army's main site has terrific information about this service., Opportunities with the U.S. Navy
Call 1-800-USA-NAVY, click on the "Send me info" button online, or check out the Navy's website for more information about life in the Navy.
U.S. Air Force
The link for information on Careers in the USAF is right on the front page. For more information, explore the website, fill in the online form or call 1-800-423-USAF. You can also check out the USAF official website for more information on this branch of the military.
U.S. Marines.
If this doesn't answer all your questions, then check out their official web site, contact a USMC Recruiter or call (800) MARINES for more information.
Go Coast Guard
Actually a division of the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard ensures safe and efficient marine transportation, works to enforce law and treaties on the seas, protects our nation's borders and provides for the national defense. You can learn even more from their official website

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The Defense Industry

This section includes information on private employers and organizations who work with or produce defensive goods which may be used by the U.S. and other governments.


Jane's Defence Section and info on the defence industry. Includes a glossary, picture and video galleries, and a career center run by
Women in Defense New!
"Women In Defense (WID), A National Security Organization, an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association, cultivates and supports the advancement and recognition of women in all aspects of national security. A non-profit organization, WID was established to provide women a formal environment for professional growth through networking, education, and career development." Besides the obvious support and networking opportunities provided by this group, they also offer a scholarship designed "to provide financial assistance to further educational objectives of women who are U.S. citizens either employed or planning careers in defense or national security areas. (This is not law enforcement or criminal justice.)"

Information on manufacturer's of Defense Technology is also available.

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Security Clearance Required

In addition to many jobs with the U.S. Government and the Department of Defense, this category includes listings for the many government contractors who need personnel with security clearances to work on contracts but may not be in the Defense industry.
...if you have a US government security clearance (a very valuable qualification these days), then this site is for you. " is a business that matches job seekers that hold active or current Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Energy security clearances to hiring employers and recruiters looking for skilled cleared candidates." The jobs cover numerous job fields, levels, and locations. You can search by keyword, minimum clearance required, and location, or just view "All", which is a lot.
..."The online resource for security-cleared professionals. [...] We connect Cleared Facilities (FCL) with U.S. security-cleared professionals (PLC) looking for security clearance jobs. These may include local, state, or federal government jobs or security jobs in the private sector in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere overseas." To protect you, employers who want to be members of this site must be US Government Agencies and Contractors who employer a Facility Security Office and possess a Facility Clearance. Anyone can search the listings without registering, but you must register in order to apply for jobs posted here, and yes, you must hold a current security clearance in order to register and use this site.

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State and Local Governments

General State Sources | The States | Other Sources

General State Sources

These may also have some listings for the Federal government.
Careers in Government
... a clearinghouse of information, resources and jobs available in public sector organizations in America and abroad. Provides access to all kinds of jobs in government and the public sector, including positions with many county and municipal agencies. Search by keyword and other criteria, or by employer and location. Register to have job postings of interest automatically e-mailed to you or to submit your resume. Also included is a helpful list of related associations.
GovJobs in all kind of government positions (local, state, Feds, military, etc). You can do a quicksearch on the front page or go to the real job search board to specify a location. My only problem with this site is I am seeing jobs that are up to a year old, so check the dates before you apply.
... provides a centralized online source of jobs available in local government nationally. In the contents frame, click on the job descriptor that interests you and view the employment opportunities in the frame on your right. Sponsored by the Local Government Institute (LGI).
..."Agencies listing positions with include cities, counties, states, executive search firms, advertising agencies and other governmental jurisdictions."


The States

The follow list links directly to the recruiting pages for each government or agency listed. Many more are provided by the and can be found through that service.

Alabama || Alaska || Arizona || Arkansas || California || Colorado || Connecticut || Delaware

District of Columbia and the Metro-Washington (DC) Council of Governments

Florida || Georgia || Hawaii || Idaho || Illinois (plus internships) || Indiana || Iowa

Kansas || Kentucky || Louisiana || Maine || Maryland || Massachusetts

Michigan || Minnesota || Mississippi || Missouri || Montana || Nebraska || Nevada

New Hampshire || New Jersey || New Mexico || New York || North Carolina

North Dakota || Ohio || Oklahoma || Oregon || Pennsylvania (plus internships) || Rhode Island

South Carolina || South Dakota || Tennessee || Texas || Utah || Vermont

Virginia || Washington || West Virginia || Wisconsin || Wyoming

Other Sources for Jobs in State and Local Governments

The following resources will help you find the many state, local, and regional government bodies that oversee the various bits and pieces that make up the United States, including the territorial and tribal governing bodies.
State and Local Government on the NET
...marvelous collection of link to official government web sites in the U.S. Also includes the U.S. territories, Tribal governments, and many additional resources.
Library of Congress State & Local Government
Links to and information on our state and local governments, collected online by the Library of Congress.
NASCIO represents state chief information officers and information resource executives and managers from the 50 states, six U. S. territories, and the District of Columbia. Resources on this site include their State Search, State Profiles, and the list of Chief Information Officers for each state.






BENEFIT Information

Thrift Savings Plan Site

 The below web site contains screen fillable pdf forms that can be used for all types of leave requests.

Army Civilian Personnel Online

The Department of the Army Pamphlet 690-950 - Career Program Referral
Registration and Administration dated 15 February 2002 and Army Regulation
690-950 - Career Management dated 31 December 2001 websites are as follows:
(note: Acrobat Reader is needed to read or print these files)  (DA Pamphlet 690-950) (AR 690-950)

Civil Service and Military have special benefits for Naturalization

 "Expeditious naturalization under Section 319(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) exempts certain spouses of U.S. Government employees from the otherwise-applicable residence and physical presence requirements of naturalization." (Most do not know this!)


Q: Does the Department of State require spouses to become U.S. citizens?
A: No, not any longer.

Q: Does the Department offer help to spouses who wish to naturalize?
A: Yes. The Family Liaison Office assists Department of State family members eligible for expeditious naturalization under Section 319(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), which exempts certain spouses of U.S. Government employees from the otherwise-applicable residence and physical presence requirements of naturalization. (Naturalization under Section 319(b) does not exempt applicants from other requirements of naturalization, such as good moral character, knowledge of United States history and government, and English language skills.) For a Department employee's spouse to qualify under Section 319(b), the employee must be a U.S. citizen "regularly stationed abroad" as part of his or her employment. Additionally, the applicant must be in the United States at the time of naturalization and make a good faith declaration of intent to take up residence within the United States immediately upon the termination of employment abroad by the U.S. citizen spouse.

In order to qualify for FLO assistance with an application for naturalization under Section 319(b), the U.S. citizen employee must have been paneled for an overseas posting or be serving overseas with at least one year remaining on the assignment at the time of naturalization, and his or her eligible applicant spouse must have Lawful Permanent Resident Alien (LPRA) status in the United States. More details on the application process can be found in the FLO publication Naturalization under Immigration and Naturalization Act Section 319(b).

Q: How long does the expeditious naturalization process take?
A: Once the completed paperwork has been submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) through FLO, the process takes on average six months.

Q: Why is this process called "expeditious?" The applicant still has to wait on average six months and the procedure is cumbersome.
A: The term "expeditious" refers to the fact that an applicant eligible for naturalization under Section 319(b) is not required to satisfy the normal three-year residency requirement generally applicable to applicants with U.S. citizen spouses. Many foreign-born spouses are newly married, have never lived in the United States and, because of overseas assignment, may have difficulty meeting the continuous three year residency requirement.


Career Info Index

GS Civil Service Info

Intelligence Jobs

Retirement Info


OPM Retirement Info

Also see the Department of Energy Jobs  DOE Jobs

USAJOBS Working for America


  Professional Sites  

CNFK Homepage

Defense Security Service


Defense Information Systems Agency

INSCOM Home Fort Belvoir

US Army Homepage

Library of Congress

S2 Company Homepage

MICA Homepage

Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

United States Institute of Peace

CAC & Ft. Leavenworth Homepage

 TRADOC Homepage This page allows you to identify a manufacturer of an electronic piece of hardware.

DNS Look Up



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HR Resources On-Line USFK Homepage CPOL Regional Pages JFTR/JTR On-Line
Army Electronic Publications 8th Army Civilian Recruitment Office Field Advisory Services (FAS) OPM
Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers (CPACs)
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Links from a great Webpage

Mike Causey
Google Finance
Motley Fool
Retirement Journal
ESS OPM Status CSRS Spreadsheet

Current as of Jan 2007!  There are three difference areas below:

1. Intelligence Community // Military/Veteran Community sites
2. Defense Contractor Company sites
3. General Job Help, or Government Job Help, or Government Job sites

Intelligence Community // Military/Veteran Community sites:

Central Intelligence Agency Jobs

Defense Intelligence Agency Jobs

Intel Career Center

Military Hire.Com

National Ground Intelligence Center

Security Clearance Jobs -

VetJobs -  VetJobs was the first Internet job site used by the CIA. It is also the leading recruiting site for NGA, DIA, etc.  VetJobs is sponsored and partially owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and is the only job board endorsed by the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Veterans Business Network

Defense Contractor Company sites:


BAE Systems

Battelle Science & Technology International


Booz Allen Hamilton

Caliber, an ICF Consulting Company

DESE Research Inc.

Electronic Warfare Associates

Lockheed Martin Corporation

MPRI - Taking Expertise Around the World

Northrop Grumman

SAIC Job Opportunities Career Find Your Job

Tapestry Solutions

TEK systems

Titan - L-3 Communications

General Job Help, or Government Job Help, or Government Job sites:

Avue Central

CareerBuilder--The Most Jobs on the Web

Department of Defense Login - VMET

FedWorld U.S. Govt Federal Job Search Homepage - job listings and resumes

Quintessential Careers - Guide to College, Careers, & Jobs

Salaries and Wages


U.S. Customs & Border Protection

U.S. Department of Labor

USAJOBS - US Government Jobs

Past Calendars are located at below link.

Upcoming Terrorism Events Calendar in the past, go to   

New International Terrorism Open Database Project. Something to help Analysts in S2 Offices and Security Managers everywhere!


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