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Mistakes but Cute
( 귀여운 실수 )

Cultural Adventures with  Americans
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Journey into English
( 영어 익히기)

Wrestling with Diverse Jobs
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An affair with English
(나는 영어와 연애를 한다) Surprise photo!

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For the Korean wife, from a Korean wife, a story about the wedding process in Korean language

Information about the wedding process with US Embassy


This is the back up site, the current site is is being redesigned!

While we do this a few features may be down for some time, such as the BBS. We hope to bring everything back online as it was before with many new features as well!


휴우! 비로서 40 대 중반.

두 아이의 엄마, 40 에 미국 유학 & 석사 따기, 직장 구하기,

한국에 살면서 한국어와 영어를 생활언어로 사용하고 살아야 할 운명.

그것이 이 이야기 바구니의 실체.

Further English explanation is below, if you see boxes/giberish, it is because your computer does not have Korean font.

Finally mid Forties!

The fate of living in Korea using both Korean and English languages while being a mother of two kids, getting a second Master's degree at age 40 and holding jobs in USA have made my life full.

These are the facts of life for the creator of the Storybasket.



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