PI Trip APR - 3 May 03

THIS WILL take a long time to load for those on slow machines in USA or PI.

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I did it on SAT...I finally solo'ed as an ultralight pilot in Philippines. Afterwards, the mechanics  throw a bucket of water on you when you climb out of plane. I did three solo take off and landings at end of day to get my qualification.

JRL, Solo Pilot, ultralight and experimental aircraft, qualified.


This will all get cleaned up later.

THIS was the place.


Copy_2_of_DSC00030.JPG (72405 bytes) More thumbnail pictures will be made later this week.

Just finished first solo flight.

A bit of tradition

My first SOLO take off and landing

My instructor. What a scary job he has!!!


DO NOT drop anything on the floor....there is  no floor on an ultra light plane!

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