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Socialist Republic of Vietnam



Thank you to Volunteers Anh-My Tran  and Timothy Ruppert



Map of Vietnam

Vietnam Wikipedia Entry

Vietnam on CIA World Factbook



Vietnam Government Portal

Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Vietnam Culture, Customs and Etiquette



Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

Attractions by City

Vietnam Wiki Travel

Visa Information

US Department of State Warnings and Advisories

Vietnam Travel Information and Travel Guide - Lonely Planet

Vietnam | Travel Advice | Smartraveller

Vietnam Visa Instructions for US Citizens

Vietnam Travel Advice

Travel Destination Guide

Travel to Vietnam


Mekong River Delta


Local News Sources

Thanh Nien News


 VnExpress (In Vietnamese)

Nhan Dan (In Vietnamese)

Sai Gon Giai Phong Online (In Vietnamese)

Vietnam News




Vietnamese Language and Dialects

Vietnamese Language Overview

Vietnamese Phonology

Online Translator

Online Language Program

Introduction to the Vietnamese language

Learn Viet: Vietnamese For Beginners



Government of Vietnam

National Assembly

Provinces of Vietnam

Supreme Court


Military and Law Enforcement

Ministry of National Defense

Vietnam Government Listings

National Police Agency

Vietnam People's Armed Forces

People's Army of Vietnam

Vietnam People's Navy

Vietnam People's Air Force

Vietnam People's Coast Guard

Vietnamese Military Statistics, Definitions and Sources.

Military of Vietnam | Vietnam Military at DefenceTalk

Vietnam People’s Army: Development and Modernization (PDF)



History and Culture

Modern Vietnam History

Vietnam History Timeline

Vietnamese History: A Chronological Outline

Countries and Their Cultures: Vietnam

Vietnam Culture

Vietnamese Traditions

Communicating with Vietnamese people

American Experience | PBS | Vietnam War

About the Vietnam War (1960-1975)

Vietnam Studies: Law at War: Vietnam 1964-1973



Bilateral Relations of Vietnam and USA

Embassy of the United States, Hanoi, Vietnam

Embassy of Vietnam, Washington DC, USA

Vietnam Consulate in San Francisco, California, USA

Vietnam Consulate in Houston, Texas, USA

Vietnam Consulate in New York, New York, USA

History of US Relations with Vietnam

Current US Relations with Vietnam – State Department

Vietnamese Americans


Vietnam Studies


Vietnames Studies: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Council on Southeast Asian Studies: Yale University

Vietnam Scholars Group




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S2's are the Intelligence and Security Officer for Military Units. This is often a thankless job, where they receive little training.

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