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Map and Area Study links for Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.  

Links donated by Rick.


Perry Castaneda Map Library

ReliefWeb Maps

CIA World Factbook

UNHCR Afghanistan

ICARP Uzbekistan

DOS Travel Warning

DOS Background Note (Historical)

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members

E-Conflict Afghanistan





Washington Post- Afghanistan

Institute for Afghan Studies

Institute for Afghan Studies Who's Who


Perry Castaneda Map Library

ReliefWeb Maps

CIA World Factbook

Library of Congress Country Study

UNHCR Uzbekistan

ICARP Afghanistan

DOS Consular Information Sheet

DOS Public Announcement

DOS Background Note

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members




Washington Post Uzbekistan

Afghanistan Resources -- Directories -- Taliban Links
Terrorist Attack on the United States

The latest addition to Mike Madin's Academic Info  is this useful pathfinder

of resources related to Afghanistan. As with the other sections of Academic
Info, resources are updated regularly, and most are annotated with brief,
helpful descriptions.
The site is divided into six sections: Indexes & Directories, Digital
Library, News & Media Sources, Taliban/ bin Laden/ Al-Quida, Women in
Afghanistan, and Organizations. In addition, Madin has added a new page of
resources to his American Studies section related to the September 11
attacks on United States targets.
Azadi Afghan Radio [.pdf]
WUST [Windows Media Player]

Azadi Afghan Radio, a division of Global Infolinx Inc., is broadcast from
Washington, DC and San Francisco on Saturdays and Sundays respectively.
Users can listen to a Web broadcast at Washington, DC's WUST at the second
URL above or check out the other material online. Most of the news here is
from other Web sources, but the Interviews, Afghan Links, Literature/
Poetry, etc., while often containing older material, should be of interest
to anyone who wants to learn more about politics or culture in Afghanistan.

Issues of the Day

Contacting the Congress! It's your Vote!!

CNN Interactive - Get the news hourly

Federation of American Scientist, Project on Intelligence Reform. (NOT Conservitive!)

A Framework for Reform of the U.S. Intelligence Community

Korean National Intelligence Service:

Korean National Police Agency:

Seoul Page:

PRC espionage handbook ("Sources and Techniques of Obtaining National Defense Science and Technology Intelligence," By Huo Zhongwen and Wang Zongxiao, 1991) or at the Bill gertz site at


New newspaper links. This allows you to see the news from another perspective.

The Electronic Telegraph, United Kingdom

The International Herald Tribune, France

The Irish Times, Irish Republic

Irish News, Northern Ireland

Le Monde Diplomatique

US Marine Corps Times

The Times London

Korean Herald

Jordan Star

Army Times

BBC News

Korean Chosun-Ilbo Newspaper:

Yonhap News Korea

New DOD Defending America Webpage


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Map Quest,Trip Planner, (Thank you submitter!)

The Weather Channel, soon to have 5 day outlook

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