If we do not study the history of CI we will make mistakes.  Can we afford that?

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Below are some great places to see today's issues and learn about the world where you reside. (FORCE XXI) !

ACIDG Link Page - From your fellow list members

Links as discussed on ACIDG recently!

Marine Corps Counterintelligence Association

Great History Link on USMC CI Page

Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) Digest Excerpts:

http://www.egroups.com/files/ACIDG-L/ is the location of the excerpts and extra files we hold. This URL only works if you have already signed in... if not it takes you to the sign in page.

Doctrine Draft dates from Fort Huachuca and some FMs to download!

Quit complaining and write your views

One of our own has published!  Great Article on Bosnia by LTC Perkins, (Ret)

Having unknown problems with the above it is over 1 meg in size. It does work, but you must have patience on the large download.  Test below that was successful it is half meg.

Current CI Issues And Unit Links

III Corps ACofS, G2  CI/HUMINT BRIEFINGS, Intelligence Oversight, The III Corps Intelligence Oversight (IO) Program is developed by the III Corps ACofS, G2 IO Officer (288-7412). Oversight of this program is conducted by the ACofS, G2 and the Corps Inspector General.  Has the ODCSINT Memorandum, Policy Guidance for Intelligence Support to Force Protection in CONUS and  the OSECDEF message, Policy Guidance for Intelligence Support to Force Protection web links!


If you have comments, improvements, or additional links to add, please email me! I look forward to hearing from you! Many new links recently added from readers sending them to me!


The  JRL Research Page. Click HERE! 

This page also has job info, about half way down the long page.

Want to know the history of the word Counterintelligence? Click here!

CI Can See All
Would you like to see what I can see?

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Future Subscriber's Information Area

The Army Counterintelligence Discussion Group mailing list is open to all active, reserve, former, and retired Army Counterintelligence Special Agents who held the MOS 97B, 351B, 35E, 36A, 971A, 1301, 9666 or GS-0132 civilians who are graduates of the US Army CI Special Agent Course. This is a private moderated list. Membership requests will be approved by the Listowner after verification of a subscribers CI status. The primary purpose of the list is to discuss CI trends, news, current events, and history and serve as a general professional forum for current, former, and retired Army CI Special Agents to hold virtual discussions in a professional forum.

Subscribing is easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

See Security Rules Below!

We require you to fill out a web form at www.armyci.org prior to joining which shows the below data:


2) stating CI STATUS, and if possible

3)a current list member who can verify status. 

This will cut down the administrative load to verify users. 

If any list members would like to act as a POC and sponsor for Agents assigned to their active/Reserve Component unit, please contact us off list at the below address:



A list member recently called for attention to security while posting to the list.  I invite you to direct your attention to the ACIDG-L Welcome message, which you should have read AND SAVED.  Here is the security banner at the beginning of the message:


It goes on to say in the POSTING section of the list rules:

Posting - There is no active moderator who screens messages before they are posted. You may post messages directly to the list and you are responsible for whatever you post to the list. ACIDG-L members should be aware that criminal, foreign intelligence, and certain other organizations actively monitor military and technical discussions on the Internet and commercial online service providers. Therefore you should post no classified, sensitive unclassified, contract sensitive information or information not appropriate for public release. Also ensure that your posts are CI-related in some way.

WHAT THIS MEANS:  Use common sense.  If it is open source, post it.  If it could be published in an unclassified, publicly available journal like MI Digest, American Intelligence Journal, Army Times, Soldier Magazine, etc...Post it.  I think that everyone gets the idea.  When in doubt, refrain from posting or consult your organization security manager.

Hereís some examples of items that are suitable for posting:

         News Articles

         Internet Research Resources

         Application of unclassified doctrine

         Unclas CI/HUMINT History


         Unclas CI/HUMINT Community News

         Unclas training lessons learned

         Unclas Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)

         Unclas/Open source CI/HUMINT Trends

         Unclas/Open source emerging CI/HUMINT Technologies/C4I

 BOTTOM LINE:  Use common sense.  If you made it through the CI Course, you should posses this trait. 

Also related.  Be aware that per the published list rules, original authorís permission is required prior to forwarding messages off-list.  Use common sense.   


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