Grass Growing by a New Suburbanite

What is a Suburbanite?

As quoted from Urban Dictionary :  (It uses Boston, but you may substitute any City.)

A person who does not live inside the city limits of Boston, Mass. Many of them grew up in the suburbs or lived in the city until they were five then moved to the North or south shore or some town out on the pike. If you do not live in Southie, Mattapan, Roslindale, Westie, Eastie, Charlestown,Downtown, Dorchester, JP, Hyde Park, the North End, Roxbury etc, you are a not from Boston and therefore should stop saying you are from Boston. Many suburbanites come to Boston on the weekend with their Red Sox hat and walk around like their the king and act like they are from the city. They fail to realize that there are other parts of the city. People in the neighborhoods like Dot and Southie say we are from southie and Dot not Boston. Many native Bostonians despise these outsiders and fakes with a passion. Suburbanites don't have the right to say they are from Boston: they don't put up with the crime, shootings, high taxes, dirty streets, lack of parking spaces, increasing yuppies, traffic, homeless people etc.
Me- "Hey where ya from"
Suburbanite- "I'm from Boston"
Me- "What part"
Suburbanite- "I live in Wellsley"
Me- " Oh your one of those ignorant rich suburbanites who acts like they are from the city huh, please drop the act."

Famous SYK has started work on Growing Grass under a porch which had bad soil.

First step was to put in new dirt that will grow grass vice the bad soil that prevented grass from growing.

Next was throwing high quality grass seed on to the soil. Pictures below show the results of this step.

Below is SYK reviewing lower level yard work on other side from rose bushes.


Stay tuned for further developments in the SYK Grass Growing Adventure!