Our Wedding Anniversary Trip to Fort Story R&R Center called  Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club

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We had a quick trip this year because Anna has less vacation time than I do, plus I have knee surgery coming up on the 18th of July. So, this was not an elaborate trip such has Hawaii or past events. This Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) is the newest resort of the system. AFRC just received this property in 2006. I have enjoyed their properties in Germany, Hawaii, and Korea are fantastic world class facilities. This is well worth a visit now, and in 10 years we probably will not recognize it. (Retirees will probably have a much harder time to get reservation in future years!)

Of interesting note, the Marine Recon School is located on Fort Story. Saturday night when I stopped by the good Marines were gone and probably chasing ladies on Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is a few miles away and crowded. FRI night we arrived late, and ate a fantastic seafood meal. (Anna had so much on the variety platter she ended up leaving some shrimp uneaten....a worlds first! Later another meal over fed us and again she left shrimp. (Very shocking if you know the seafood vacuum.)) Virginia Beach is very crowded with beach night life and lots of entertainment. It is definitely a place where it is easy to be surprised that it is past midnight.

We have an old boss of mine who is a recently promoted LTC and we unfortunately were not able to connect schedules. The area was very nice. The houses, vegetation, salt breeze and relaxing beach attitude was a pleasure. Fort Story has two light houses which are rapidly disappearing in America.  If you have a military ID card, this is a great place, and a great benefit we have earned.

Below are our pictures. Keep your audio on, and listen to the waves.mp3.


On our porch of our two bedroom suite facing the beach.


The Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club is an Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) located on historic Ft. Story, less than 3 miles from Virginia Beach. An affordable family resort overlooking the Chesapeake Bay on the historic Virginia coast. The Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club serves the entire military community including active duty and retired Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Ready Reserves and DoD civilians and their families.


The Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club...
With its prime Chesapeake Bay setting and comfortable accommodations, The Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club is one of the newest and most popular resort destinations on the entire Atlantic coast line.


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