Jim and Anna's Trip to the West Virginia Mountains.

(짐과 애나의 웨스트 버지니아 여행) (Korean writing is on this page, and your browser may not have Korean Language pack.)

You can see the old fashion stone fences, beautiful changing of the tree leaves and houses, that are built on lots of land and much cheaper than houses, or apartments in Washington DC.(고전적인 돌담, 단풍으로 물든 나무와 집들이 광활한 대지에 자리잡고 있지만, 가격은 워싱턴 디시의 아파트보다 너무나 저렴함)

Please click on photo and see larger version.(사진을 클릭하면 사진이 확대됨)

Hyonjoo at West Virginia border

Yes, Hyonjoo made it to Paris....well Paris, Virginia, USA!

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