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The G2-Balkans mailing list provides a virtual collaborative environment for sharing unclassified, open source, information, intelligence and resources related to the security situation in the Balkans Area of Operation.

G2-Balkans is operated on a non-profit basis by unpaid volunteers. It is an unnoficial resource and is not affiliated with the US Government, US Department of Defense, North Atlantic Treaty Organization or any other Government or Nongovernment entity.

MEMBERSHIP: G2-Balkans membership is limited to US Military members (.mil) or US Government employees (.gov) with official email addresses. Subscription requests from (.mil)and (.gov); email addresses are approved without further verification. Other subscription requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and must be verified by a current list member personally known to the List Manager or an approved referrer for vetting purposes. Exceptions are granted in the case of academics or private OSINT professionals who demonstrate a willingness to contribute material to the list. Civilian Law Enforcement may also request subscriptions via letterhead; (contact the moderator for details).

WHAT IS A LISTSERV?: It is a computer that is always on, and which is always connected to the Internet. The computer has an authorized list of email addresses for list members. When a message is sent to the computer it automatically copies the message and sends it to each person on the list immediately.

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